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AccessA eNews no.10

Hi everyone. The AccessA eNews no. 10 is now available. In this edition: 1. Report on our involvement in Japan 2. AccessAustralia now represented on NHMRC Research committee 3. Emotional infertility is just as hard as physical, says new survey 4. Research roundup 5. Infertility in obese women may be due to damaged eggs: US […]

Access eNews no. 9

Hi everyone. The ACCESS eNews for August is now available. In this edition: Our thanks for your donation! Single women forget Mr Right to embrace motherhood alone Get the most out of your pantry using medicinal foods New iceage for wellbeing The Top 10 Challenging Comments Risk flagged in India’s fertility tourism Don’t forget to […]

Access eNews – April

Hi everyone. The ACCESS eNews for April is now available. In this edition: Politics and IVF Mother’s Day Egg donors remain fertile after procedure: study Opinion: Why the promise to sperm donor must be honoured Don’t forget to join us on Facebook Share your support in social media! Grieving for a child she never had […]

eNews – February

Hi everyone. The ACCESS eNews – Feb 12 is now available. In this edition: When is enough, enough? Angel Babies Foundation Our patron ties the knot! Twin embryos may help each other survive after IVF Tiny spasms in eggs may increase IVF success rate The case for egg-sharing Frozen embryo babies heavier and healthier Don’t […]

eNews – December

Hi everyone. The ACCESS eNews – December 2011 is now available. In this edition: 1. Merry Christmas from Access 2. Some tips on surviving Christmas 3. Thanks to members who helped out by telling their stories to the Sydney Morning Herald 4. Dealing with your parents: the ‘grandparents in waiting’ 5. iVFlings 6. UWS needs […]

How the IVF Lottery affects Australia

According to the Team at Sunrise on Channel 7, the IVF Lottery just shows our Government should fully fund IVF and better support couples seeking adoption. We agree. Watch the clip from the show:


Our bi-annual newsletter contains the latest on the activities from AccessA and quality advice from medical professionals.  All articles are written in an easy-to-digest manner, providing you an understanding of what sometimes can be quite complex issues. The newsletter also contains inspirational stories from our members, as they share with you their struggles in having […]


The AccessA eNewsletter covers news and links to information about assisted conception treatment.  We cover a range of issues relating to reproductive health that concern the health consumer. Share your story Many of our members are happy to share their experience in order to make yours less traumatic. Writing your story can also assist in […]


A B C D E F G H I L M O P R S T U V XYZ Glossary Acrosome: A small “cap” overlaying the head of a sperm. Acrosome reaction: The loss of the acrosome necessary for successful fertilisation. Adhesion: The sticking of ovaries, tubes, uterus, bowel and abdominal lining to one another. […]

When you’re having difficulties conceiving

If you and your partner have not become pregnant after a year of trying, you may have a fertility problem, and it is worth seeking medical help. If the woman is over 35, it may be a good idea to start checking things out even earlier, after to six to nine months. Infertility investigations can […]

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