My Little Soldiers

My Little Soldiers ia a bittersweet comedy about one man, his sperm and his quest for a baby.

By my calculation at least seven people have seen my girlfriend’s vagina in the last two weeks and that’s not counting me. Thalia’s private parts have became public ones. She seems to be constantly visiting the clinic for a new scan. And thanks to the dildo cam I am now getting a daily update on the state of her ovaries.
Once upon a time a woman’s sex organs were to me like 16th-century America — its coastline known but its interior a hidden mystery. Now I know way more than a man needs to know about a woman’s inner workings.
Mike really wants to become a dad but when he discovers his little soldiers are firing blanks it blows his whole world apart.
As he journeys through the heart wrenching world of IVF,  Mike’s relationship with his feisty girlfriend Thalia, and his friendships with his fertile mates and his family are pushed to the limit. But through the pain Mike is able to see the funny side of assisted conception, and eventually learns what is really important in life.
My Little Soldiers is an IVF romcom from an exciting new talent that throws the spotlight on one of the last great taboos – the secretive world of male infertility.
With a punchy witty writing style and snappy dialogue this is the most honest insight into men since Tony Parsons.
My Little Soldiers will be released by Piranha Press in Spring 2014
The novel is loosely based on Glenn Barden’s own experience with IVF, and the author is available for interviews.
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