Swimming Upstream: the struggle to conceive

by David Rawlings & Karen Looi

Swimming Upstream goes beyond the mechanics of babymaking into the issues faced by the one-in-six couples who struggle to have a family.

This book is for any couple that has ever heard
‘just relax and it will happen’.

Co-authored by a man who has been through the struggle (and is also an ACCESS director), in conjunction with a fertility counsellor, the book explores the issues with humour, insight and honesty and is, without doubt, the first book to lift the lid on the male experience, revealing what every man probably won’t say and what every woman wants to know.

To read excerpts from Swimming Upstream, please visit
the web site  http://www.swimmingupstream.com.au.

The everyday issues that are discussed include:

•    The social isolation and putting on a brave
…….face in a child-centred world
•    The myths our society holds about fertility
•    ‘Just relax’ and the other ‘Top Ten Things
…….You Don’t Want To Hear’
•    How infertility stops you from being able
…….to effectively plan your future
•    Why men don’t talk about problems conceiving
•    Anger, particularly at injustice
•    The effect on a couple’s sex life
•    Dealing with other people’s pregnancies
•    Handling Christmas and other special occasions
…….without going insane
•    How a struggle to conceive affects your ability
…….to plan for the future
•    Dealing with your own parents … the grandparents
…….in waiting
•    Issues that are particular to a man’s experience,
…….such as sperm tests, dealing with his own father
…….and understanding what his partner goes through

The stories of fifteen men and their partners,
the author’s own experience and years of experience
of a fertility counsellor come together to provide an easy-to-read, practical and reassuring reference.

Rob Jansen, Medical Director of Sydney IVF, says in his foreword: “The book addresses issues that couples face
but with a down-to-earth male perspective. It also brings together the consumer and the professional view:
the everyday experience of struggling people in real
language with some common sense advice from the counsellor.  Little has been written about the man’s
experience or from the man’s perspective. This book
starts the process of correcting the balance.”

“Finally, a book written by a man about the issues couples face. The most accessible book I’ve read on the subject and
a great resource for those women who would love to know what their man is thinking when they struggle to conceive.
” ~ Sandra Dill, Executive Director, ACCESS

“This book resonated with me more than
any of the other books I’ve read.”
~ Janet Cronin, IVF patient

“As a professional counsellor working in the ART field,
I am delighted that at long last there is a book that not
only acknowledges the impact of fertility issues on men,
but provides some practical insights to help couples
survive fertility treatment and its consequences.”
~ Lynne Perl, Counsellor, Sydney IVF

“This book covers all of the issues – some of which
haven’t been covered anywhere in the world before!”
~ Julie Potts, Counsellor, Flinders Reproductive Medicine

Price: $24.95 (plus postage and handling)

You can order Swimming Upstream from the web site http://www.swimmingupstream.com.au.

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