Beyond Childlessness

by Rachel Black & Louise Scull

Current estimates suggest that around 25% of women in the UK and other English speaking countries who are currently of childbearing age will never have a child.

For women, remaining childless can have significant emotional consequences. These may range from an occasional sense of loss, or guilt, to an acute and profound daily sense of grief, with debilitating consequences. For many women, it is a difficult subject to talk about, even with very close friends.

Beyond Childlessness, published by Rodale International in June 2005, is a ground breaking and sensitive book offering support, shared experiences and practical strategies for women learning to live with the possibility or the reality of remaining childless, or with not being able to have as many children as they wanted. It is written for women, by women, in a simple, honest, jargon-free and non-judgemental style.

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