Building a family with the Assistance of Donor Insemination

by Ken Daniels

This new book has been written for parents who have used donor insemination to build their families and also for those considering whether donor insemination is the right option
for them.

The parents who share their stories in this book tell of the range of thoughts and feelings that they experienced from the time they discovered they needed help to build their families. They discuss the issues they faced concerning the decision to be honest and open with their children. How they did this is covered in some depth.

Ken Daniels, Associate Professor of Social Work at Canterbury University, has been working in the field of donor insemination and assisted human reproduction for 27 years. He has conducted preparation seminars for those considering donor insemination, been involved in research in seven countries, written extensively on the subject, and acted as a consultant on policy development in several countries.

In this book Ken Daniels has brought together information from interviews with parents who have used donor insemination and those considering using the technique.
He quotes extensively from these interviews.

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