When your womb is Empty

by Anita Henry-Peiris

‘When your womb is Empty’ was written to give courage and support to those suffering from infertility or for those who have experienced a pregnancy loss. It also gives support and information to help friends and families to understand what it is truly like to be infertile or to lose a baby.

The book has the author’s personal story and a sensitive selection of case studies from around the world to help sufferers to familiarise with the emotions of others.

Anita writes,”I truly hope every ones dreams come true.
Mine did! I now have three children and I was told I would never be able to have children”.

The book is no longer in print but slightly damaged copies
are available from the author direct: Anita Henry-Peiris, 11 Hodges Street, Middle Swan WA 6056. Please ask members
to include name and postal address. A special price per book only to ACCESS members is $18.95 (RRP was $24.95) and includes postage in Australia.

Readers’ thoughts on the book are always welcome to henryanita[at]optusnet.com.au.

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