Family Bound

by Carrie Ostrea

Family Bound is a book tracking the true story of two people determined to start a family, from the emotional struggle with infertility to the volatile international adoption process.

In this honest and revealing book by Carrie Ostrea documents one couple’s long and arduous journey to becoming parents.  The longer the process, the more emotional and difficult things became and the more the author relied on this journal to deal with her emotions.

Carrie hadn’t expected the journal would cover many years: hundreds of hormone shots and pills, blood draws, surgical procedures, terrorist attacks, adoption lawyers and agencies, international flights and the most emotional and financial roller coaster imaginable.  However, Carrie and her husband were desperate to become parents, to have their own child
to love, to hug and to share their life with.

By sharing their experience, this book offers rare insight into the emotional, physical and sociological effects infertility and adoption have on a couple’s relationship, their families, friends and themselves.  It also provides in-depth detail of popular infertility treatments, and the domestic and international adoption processes.

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