Sometimes It Takes Three to Make a Baby

by Kate Bourne

Written by an infertility counselor, “Sometimes It Takes Three to Make a Baby” is primarily written for young children to help them understand the way they began. It will also be of interest to their parents, friends and family and to
egg donors and their children.

The very first child resulting from IVF using donated eggs was born in 1983. Since then, the use of donor eggs has become a viable option for women who are unable to produce their own eggs. The egg donor may be anonymous or may be a relative or friend of the woman.

Whilst there is a wealth of resources to assist parents in telling their child about natural conception, little information is available to help parents who have conceived their child using donor eggs.

Sometimes It Takes Three to Make a Baby, includes:

•    An illustrated guide for young children, explaining
…….in simple language the process of egg donation.
•    “My Very Own Book About Me” – a workbook
…….for the child to complete, including their own
…….personal photos, mementos and drawings.
•    Advice for parents on how to talk to young
…….children about their special conception.
•    One couple’s story about how they have
…….approached talking to their daughter about
…….her donor origins and her reactions.

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