IVF mum becomes AccessA new CEO

ACCESS Australia’s National Infertility Network supports a truly special group of people – those undergoing infertility treatment and their supporters. As the new CEO of ACCESS, I want to personally introduce myself to you – my name is Maree Pickens and 15 years ago, at the age of 40, the dream to have a child came true for my husband and I through the miracle of IVF technology! I have been actively involved with ACCESS ever since and now have the honour and privilege of being CEO for this special charity. 

Along with the ACCESS board, I am committed to doing everything possible to move ACCESS forward in these challenging times. We are dedicating our efforts to be a national voice to ensure equity of access to IVF treatment for those who need medical help to have a family and to provide the education and support needed for those suffering from infertility.  

We are forever grateful for one baby born 40 years ago that changed the lives of more than 200,000 babies born since – Candice Reed (now Thum) was Australia’s first IVF baby born on 23 June 1980. We are honoured to have Candice as the patron of ACCESS Australia’s National Infertility Network. Watch out for our Press Release to provide you with the details of this 40-year milestone of IVF treatment and how ACCESS can continue to support your journey to success. Keep the Hope! 

With sincere gratitude for your support, 

Maree Pickens – Director & CEO 

ACCESS Australia’s National Infertility Network