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Then There was You – An IVF Story

Explaining conception to a child can be difficult at the best of times, but a new book tackling the increasingly common issues of IVF has been launched to assist parents. Then There was You – An IVF Story was written by Greenslopes mother Karly Wegner after conceiving her first child through an IVF program, when […]

How the IVF Lottery affects Australia

According to the Team at Sunrise on Channel 7, the IVF Lottery just shows our Government should fully fund IVF and better support couples seeking adoption. We agree. Watch the clip from the show:

In the Know – what no-one tells you about fertility

You will find In the Know a helpful guide along the pathway to becoming a parent. The author, Dr Alice Domar, is is an international pioneer in the relationship between mind and body when it comes to infertility. With her many years of caring for people who have travelled the infertility pathway, Dr Domar is […]

What is the Medicare Safety Net?

Medicare protects all Australians against big cumulative medical bills for Medicare services provided outside hospital. This includes specialist consultations and outpatient IVF services. The Safety Net pays eighty per cent of the out-of-pocket costs for Medicare services provided out of hospital once these costs reach a threshold amount. Contact Medicare for more information, or discuss […]

How many times will Medicare contribute to the cost of my treatment?

Currently there is no limit to the number of treatment cycles Medicare will cover for an individual. In the past there was a limit of six cycles, and more recently there have been attempts by various governments to again limit the number of cycles covered by Medicare. So far Access, with the assistance of its […]

Why are some parts of infertility treatment covered by Medicare and not others?

Access, with the assistance of its members, and IVF clinics have lobbied consistently over many years to have item numbers for various infertility treatments added to the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS). This can take many years, for example intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) was an accepted and commonly used treatment for ten years before it was […]

How much will infertility treatment cost?

This depends on the type of treatment, whether or not you have private health insurance, and on the individual clinic’s charges. It is best to contact clinics and ask for their costs. These can be quite complex due to varying treatment types, and whether or not there is a Medicare item number for the procedures […]

Overcoming Infertility Book

Written to be as comprehensive as a text-book, as readable as a story, and as useful as a handbook, it joins with the web-site to explain how normal it is to have trouble getting pregnant (understand this and you can make sensible decisions about the reproductive technologies and plan your life) to relate to you […]

The Child Within

In this book the author talks to women who tell of the struggle and sadness of facing infertility or loss through miscarriage and the accompanying merry-go-round of tests, treatment and trauma. While struggling to keep up a brave front, these women plunge to the depths of despair, hating their bodies, and often their partners, and […]

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