What is infertility?

“You know that the first sign of pregnancy is a missed period. Each month, you watch your body and examine your feelings, looking for signs of pregnancy. If your period is late, your spirits rise, only to be dashed. You go to the loo every five minutes, looking for blood. You go through these cycles of emotions month after month. You begin to ask yourself what’s wrong with you. You feel you have no control over your body or your life. Conception can become an obsession, and you start to feel isolated”.

“It dawns on you that you might have a problem. You might try to deny it. You pretend that this is not really happening to you, maybe you haven’t been trying hard enough, or maybe you’ve been trying “too hard”. Maybe you really don’t want that baby. Around you, everyone else seems to be pregnant and you can’t believe how easy it is for them. You begin to
feel angry with your body for letting you down.”

Infertility can be one of the most misunderstood parts of life. Struggling to conceive can be hard to understand – doubly so when you may have believed it would be ‘easy’.

And there are a lot of myths in our society about infertility
and some members have told us it’s hard to find the facts. Well, here are some quick medical and emotional facts about infertility.