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More than 200,000 Australians have been born from assisted conception.

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Your IVF Success - Now Launched!

A website developed by the University of New South Wales, funded by the Australian Government

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YourIVFSuccess - Website Walkthrough 

IVF Success Estimator

A world-first online calculator, allowing you to enter your age, the age of your partner, or sperm donor, your fertility diagnosis, whether you have previously had children and any previous IVF treatment to offer an estimate of your chance of success with IVF. Based 100% on IVF cycles performed in Australian Clinics.

How success is measured

Detailed explanations of how egg collection cycles and embryo transfers are typically performed and how the outcome of these procedures are measured in different ways. Watch the video above to see how easy it is to navigate the site, research a clinic and understand the results of IVF treatment.

Australian Clinics Success Rates

A profile on every eligible, RTAC licensed IVF Clinic in Australia and their success rates on four different measures. All clinics services, patient age groups and clinic success rates are reported the same way making it easier for you to research different clinics before you visit them in person!

Remember! This website does not replace a consult with your fertility medical professional. They can help you understand your chances of success based on your personal fertility factors. Refer to our Fact Sheet "Finding an IVF Clinic and Understanding Success Rates"

One in six couples will have difficulty achieving a pregnancy. But despite these growing numbers of people, difficulties we face when trying to conceive can leave us feeling extremely isolated.

This is made worse because infertility is a taboo subject - as a society we have difficulty in dealing with these sad experiences.

From dealing with the emotional roller coaster, the pressure of IVF treatment cycles, friends falling pregnant or the pain of shattered dreams, couples that go through infertility need to know that they're not alone.

Welcome to AccessA.

We can be an excellent resource for information, support and referrals. We seek to alleviate the pain and isolation of the one in six people in Australia with infertility by supporting them through their journey and making them aware of the medical and social options available to help them pursue their wish to have a child of their own.

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