DES Stories

Faces and Voices of People Exposted to Diethlstilbestrol – By Margaret Lee Braun

DES Stories is a tribute to the millions of lives upended by exposure to diethylstilbestrol – synthetic estrogen, toxic chemical, and carcinogenic prescription drug. In photographic portraits and interviews, DES daughters, mothers, and sons tell, in their own voice, what it’s like to be DES-exposed.

Every DES-exposed person has an important story to tell. But most of what is known about DES is written in the language of statistics and medicine. Author and DES daughter Margaret Lee Braun set out with photographer Nancy Stuart to chronicle personal responses to DES exposure, allowing the subjects to speak for themselves. The portraits highlight the out-of-sight quality of toxic effects and contrast the subjects’ apparent health and well-being with the gravity of their stories.

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