Your emails moved MPs and Senators to oppose Medicare cuts

In December access launched a ‘Call to Action’ by email to more than 30,000 in our community, when the government sent this Bill to the Senate.

In less than three days, more than 5,640 people shared their personal stories pleading with Senators to vote the Bill down.

The initial post on the Access fighting for families’ Facebook page reached 8,467 people in two days.The total reach of our few posts was 27,252 people and 2,540 Likes, Comments and Shares.

This battle is won but another looms. access has been listed for targeted consultation when the ART items are considered in the MBS Review, after which the Minister will table another Bill.


The government will listen when work together fighting for families.

Access sends heartfelt thanks to the Hon Catherine King MP for speaking against the Bill in the House, to Senator Xenophon, a long time supporter and Senators Lambie, Lazarus, Muir and Wang for opposing proposed cuts to the Safety Net. Their action signals the notion that that infertile people should have equity of access to health care with fertile people. In addition, the proposed cuts are premature, given that the Government is undertaking a major review of  Medicare. Any recommendations fees will have implications for this Bill