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Lexie’s Village

What would you do to have a family? At 43, time was running out for Natalie Lovett. A demanding career, combined with a series of failed relationships, and years of back pain meant her chances to have a child were rapidly diminishing. Instead of waiting for life to meet her needs, she decided to go […]

Our Dream Come True

An inspiring story of IVF for Children Debut children’s author and IVF mum, Gilly-Elle Wiltshire, perfectly captures the emotional journey of IVF through beautiful rhyming text accompanied with adorable illustrations by Tiana Rue. Our Dream Come True is a story of love and inspiration crafted especially for children that explains the process of IVF in […]

In the Know – what no-one tells you about creating a family for same-sex couples

For many gay and lesbian couples, starting a family can be both daunting and joyful. Along with the wonder and richness of raising a family, there may be substantial legal and medical hurdles to face. Legislative changes in Australia which have increasingly recognised the legal standing of same sex couples, including broader access to ART, […]

In the Know- what no-one tells you about male infertility

Infertility is not a word that often appears on a man’s radar.  Talk of fertility problems in the male domain – whether that’s the shed or the local sporting club – can be either non-existent or uncomfortable. Many men are completely unaware of reproductive issues – often leaving such matters for their partner to research. […]

My Little Soldiers

My Little Soldiers ia a bittersweet comedy about one man, his sperm and his quest for a baby. By my calculation at least seven people have seen my girlfriend’s vagina in the last two weeks and that’s not counting me. Thalia’s private parts have became public ones. She seems to be constantly visiting the clinic […]

From Here to Maternity

A memoir on IVF, infertility & ultimately adoption “From Here To Maternity” by Kylie Doust. As a mother of two adopted Korean born children, Kylie has written an outstanding and moving memoir of her journey through IVF, infertility and ultimately adoption. “From Here To Maternity” is sure to strike a chord with so many women […]

DES Stories

Faces and Voices of People Exposted to Diethlstilbestrol – By Margaret Lee Braun DES Stories is a tribute to the millions of lives upended by exposure to diethylstilbestrol – synthetic estrogen, toxic chemical, and carcinogenic prescription drug. In photographic portraits and interviews, DES daughters, mothers, and sons tell, in their own voice, what it’s like […]

Get the most from your pantry using medicinal foods

The book Heal with Food, written by a practicing nutritionist and former ACCESS director, covers over 100 conditions seen regularly in her clinic. It guides the reader on what to eat as well as what to limit or perhaps avoid altogether. The focus is generally on what positive steps can be taken rather than a […]

Childless: Reflections on Life’s Longing

Author: Gillian Guthrie Published by: Short Stop Press, March 2012 At the age of forty-five author, Gillian Guthrie, finally knew – empathically and unequivocally – that she really did want to have children. Her belated clarity coincided with meeting her life partner whom she believed – without doubt – would make a wonderful father. But […]

Inspiring IVF Stories – By Carolyn Martinez

This book tells the stories of 24 men and women – candid, open, no-holds-barred, at times harrowing and surprisingly humourous. IVF can be isolating and hard on relationships. The male and female views offer a perspective not seen before. Stories range from singles, couples, donation, chemical pregnancies,injections, miscarriages, success and much more. It shows what […]

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